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Barco Women’s Drawstring Scrub Pants

Barco women’s drawstring scrub pants let ladies in the medical world stride about with confidence. These scrub bottoms are oh, so comfortable, and topped off with a drawstring waist that lets you adjust it so that it fits as perfectly as perfect can possibly be. Yes, you gotta love these drawstring scrub pants from Barco! And you know what else everyone appreciates about Barco scrub pants? That there’s no standard, one-fits-all style. There are so many options! You can choose from fabulously comfy yoga scrub pants, durable cargo scrubs, or sleek and professional straight leg scrub pants. Of course, as mentioned earlier, each one of these scrub pants features a drawstring at the waist! They also come with classic Barco details such as spacious pockets, flattering silhouettes, and loads of color options to choose from! Are there too many Barco brands, and you just can’t decide which one to go with? No worries! Here’s a quick overview: Spandex Stretch is just sooo comfy and flexible (yup, that’s for you casual, fun-loving girls!), Grey’s Anatomy Active is the ultimate choice for sophisticated athleisure (do you do designer?), and Barco One Wellness scrub pants are designed for the health-conscious professional (if you always make sure to keep Purell on hand). Whichever you choose, know this: When it comes to looking and feeling your best, you won’t go wrong with our drawstring scrub pants for women, straight from Barco Uniforms!

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